Under Revised Code ยง 3701.68(B), the Commission on Infant Mortality was charged with the task of conducting a complete inventory of services provided or administered by the state that are available to address Ohio's infant mortality rate. The Commission asked the Legislative Service Commission (LSC) staff to collect information from various state agencies for the purpose of fulfilling this responsibility. To assist with this effort, LSC created a survey, which was administered to the state agencies that had programs directly addressing infant mortality. The results of the survey were then compiled into four tables based on whether they were 1) programs that are clinical or systemic initiatives 2) programs that are targeted initiatives or are population- or region-specific 3) programs that are for surveillance/review purposes or 4) programs that enhance access to care.

Access to Care Initiatives
Access to Care Initiatives - Infant Mortality Inventory Spreadsheet

Clinical or Systemic Initiatives
Clinical-Systemic Initiatives - Infant Mortality Inventory Spreadsheet

Housing Program Inventory
Housing Program Inventory

Surveillance and Review Programs
Surveillance and Review Programs - Infant Mortality Inventory Spreadsheet

Targeted Initiatives
Targeted Initiatives - Infant Mortality Program Spreadsheet